Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Once a primary account has been established, the primary user can add unlimited additional users at no additional cost.  These additional users can search and shop the marketplace, but can not add or edit listings.  To add users to your account, simply go to My Account, click on Account, and then click on the Additional Users tile to add or manage those users.

You can define a tailored audience for each listing you post -  all dealers or just dealers in selected buying groups.   

If you are a dealer, the audience for a new listing defaults to other dealers in your buying group.

If you are a manufacturer, the audience for a new listing defaults to all dealers. 

Once published you can edit the audience at any time

If you want to sell them separately (e.g., 4 individual reach-in coolers) create multiple listings, one for each item.  It is easy to create multiple listings by using the "duplicate" function available in the listing creation process.  If you are a supplier, you can set up multiple items as a single promotion, and indicate how many you have available as a quantity limit

If you want to sell them together (e.g., a 24 pack of wine glasses) then create a single listing and document the quantity in the description field  

If you require further assistance or some guidance on setting up listings or promotions feel free to use the Contact Us page

No.  Contact us by using the form on this website, and we will assist you with a streamlined  bulk import process 

First, congratulations on the sale!   No, we do not provide refunds for listings that sell quickly.

You should update the status of that listing to "sold".  Only published listings that go beyond the 60- day initial period are extended.   

Until a dealer explicitly completes the purchase request processto purchase a listing item, it remains available to other buyers.  For a high demand item, we recommend the buyer completes the purchase request process quickly.

You are always free to negotiate price or any other term with another dealex member.  Contact them directly.

Shipping arrangements and costs are entirely between the seller and the buyer.  Contact the seller and establish a mutually acceptable solution.

 Because we validate that information to maintain Dealex as a private exchange, we will make that change for you.   Simply use the Contact Us link on this website, email us at, or call us at (312) 620-6280 and we will verify the new information and then update your account.

Only dealers can find and purchase products listed on dealex.  Ask your local food service equipment dealer if they are a dealex member.  If they aren't, contact us and we can refer you to a dealer that is a member of dealex